Forklift battery monitoring is a sophisticated system that allows businesses to keep a close eye on the health and performance of their forklift batteries in real-time. It involves the use of advanced technology, such as battery monitoring devices and software, to track and analyze critical battery parameters, including state of charge, voltage, temperature, and charging cycles.

This real-time data empowers operators, warehouse managers, and maintenance personnel to make informed decisions, optimize battery usage, and ensure the smooth functioning of forklift operations.

Tais Traction Battery Monitoring

Forklift Battery Monitoring

A high-performance wireless battery monitoring system for traction batteries called TAIS can keep track of vital battery operating data.

TAIS reduces unexpected pauses. It extends your time of use and lowers your operational expenses. By enabling remote monitoring of the battery characteristics in your fleet, it is also useful in increasing the lifespan of your batteries.

The battery to which TAIS is connected has parameters that it measures continually. Investigates and assesses these metrics. The measured data and evaluation findings are sent over Wi-Fi to the web server. It stores the data it gets in its memory when Wi-Fi isn’t available. It communicates the captured data to the WEB server when it offers Wi-Fi access.


  1. Wide Voltage Range (12V-96V)
  2. Unbalanced with Midpoint Voltage Measurement
  3. Finding Cells
  4. Wireless Connection (Wi-Fi)
  5. Permanent Registration Memory
  6. Data Retrieval without Physical Intervention


Forklift Battery Monitoring

  1. Increases battery life and lowers servicing and upkeep expenses.
  2. Continuously evaluates the performance of the battery.
  3. Aids in planning and supervising maintenance operations
  4. Aids in locating and fixing battery and forklift site issues.
  5. It stops pointless battery purchases.
  6. Brings down energy expenses.
  7. Improves energy effectiveness.

Technical Details



  • Current Monitoring       
Discrete Core Hall Sensor
  • Temperature Monitoring        
External Thermistor
  • Electrolyte Level Monitoring   
Adjustable Length Special Design Sensor
  • Battery Rated Voltage 
12V – 96V
  • Operating Voltage  
12V – 120V
  • Current Measurement  
+/- 1000A (at 1 A Resolution)
  • Voltage Sensitivity    
  • Operating Temperature  
25°C ~ + 60°C (-13°F ~ + 140°F)
  • Dimensions      
130 mm(L) x 37 mm(W) x 35 mm(H)
  • Wireless Connection  
Wi-Fi (3G / GPRS Option)
  • Data Recording  
10.000 Event Records
  • Data Collecting  
Cloud Based Web Server
  • Wireless Range of Access 
~ 50m
  • Enclosure   
Water and Acid Resistant
  • Power Consumption      
0.1 Watt
  • Protection  

Internal Fuse and Reverse Polarity Protection





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