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Forklift Solutions Overview

Assist in installing, maintaining, and repairing equipment to ensure that it works properly

For lifting heavy loads in warehouses, construction sites, and other industries

Several types of forklift truck are available, including electric, diesel, and gasoline forklifts

Material handling equipment for moving and storing goods within a warehouse or facility

Customized solutions available to meet specific requirements of the industry and application

Assist businesses in moving heavy loads more efficiently and effectively

About VackerGlobal Forklift Solutions

In a warehouse, storage facility, or distribution center, a forklift, often called a fork truck, is a motor-driven industrial truck used for lifting and transferring items on a pallet. Some forklifts allow the operators to sit while operating the unit, depending on the design.

There is no need to be concerned if a high-performance forklift capable of consistently completing a variety of warehouse chores is still absent from your fleet of vehicles. Fill out a product inquiry form to get in touch with VackerGlobal’ s knowledgeable consultants. We will be pleased to help you choose the appropriate forklifts. Additional shipping and storage containers, as well as other forklift truck accessories, can be purchased for your fleet of trucks in the VackerGlobal.

Our Products

asset tracker Employee Tracking
Monitoring Systems
Employee tracking or personnel management refers to any system that keeps track of employees’ time cards and office locations. These methods may aid managers in locating personnel and monitoring the activity of hours worked. Scheduling data and time-off requests are frequently included in personnel tracking.

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Forklift Batteries
VackerGlobals’ Lone Worker Safety is a tool for people whose jobs need them to deal with occupational hazards, social risks daily. It keeps monitoring activity and connects the worker with their manager or safety team. It gives workers a rapid means to contact others in an emergency and reassures them so they can focus on their tasks.

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Forklift Camera Systems
Implement VackerGlobal’s pandemic safety service to get your staff to return to work safely. To do so, it will aid in the containment of viral spread by monitoring activity like staff circulation and triggering alarms to prevent proximity for longer than a permissible period, contact tracking, and clean-up after an employee has tested positive.

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Forklift Accessories
The VackerGlobal senior living safety service will put your life at ease. Nurses and staff members can easily track the location of their environment in real-time. As a result, staff members are aware of where residents and coworkers can be found in the event of an emergency. When an emergency alert is issued, employees are notified via our mobile application on their devices.

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Monitoring Systems
anti collision system with CCTV
Anti Collision System with CCTV
Real-time tracking of forklifts and other vehicles, such as clamps, and fork trucks, aid logistics, and production managers in increasing productivity, profitability, and safety by maximizing fleet utilization, reducing wasted man-hours, and, most critically, preventing accidents. Each forklift, as well as any other manipulation vehicle that has to be tracked, is fitted with a tag that sends a signal to ceiling anchors.

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Anti Collision System with RF or RTLS
The Asset tracker solution by VackerGlobal tracks the physical location and status of an organization’s mobile and fixed assets. Many businesses own a large number of mission-critical or high-value assets. As a result, an asset tracker is essential for ensuring that the location and movement of such assets are strictly regulated to prevent loss and improve customer service and corporate operations.

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Forklift Battery Monitoring
The historical and real-time tracking of business process status and performance is referred to as process tracking. Defining and tracking processes with a process automation platform promotes consistency and performance optimization. Many company processes rely on tools like email, spreadsheets, and custom systems, making process transparency difficult. Embracing automation and enforcing process tracking is the key to avoiding guessing.

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Forklift Anti-Collision System With CCTV and AI
Forklift operators are increasingly relying on cutting-edge technology to enable safe and effective cargo movement. Forklift collision avoidance systems with AI and CCTV are the latest advances in forklift safety technology. Occupational safety and accident prevention are the goals of this system. The Forklift Collision Avoidance System is an all-new breakthrough innovation designed to reduce the risk of forklift accidents.

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Our Values

Partner value

To develop a product that is ground-breaking in all aspects, we invest in our polymers and are very transparent about the process.

Innovative value

Using high-quality materials and processes, we produce distinctive products.

Flexible value

We are flexible because we have a detailed understanding of polymers, as well as a wealth of resources.

Driven value

We strive to provide products and services that simplify your life and increase your productivity.

About Us

VackerGlobal is providing air engineering solutions for almost 10 years. Our products and services are available across the world including the USA, Europe, Middle East, and Africa. VackerGlobal is involved in all kinds of sensors, measuring instruments, monitoring systems, and control solutions for temperature, humidity & pressure. We are an ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018 certified company trusted by multinational companies.

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